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Strabane Controlled Primary School, Strabane

High 5 Issue 10 (9th October 2020)

13th Oct 2020

Welcome back to High Five.

In this issue we are exploring ideas for being creative. Autumn is
such a picturesque time of year, when our
beautiful world bursts into colour and nature
gives us fabulous art materials! As we Take
Notice of the changes around us, let's use
nature's gifts to be creative!
Remember all of our activities are based on the
Take 5 model developed by the Public Health
Agency (PHA). You have heard about how
important it is to take at least 5 portions of
fruit and vegetables a day for your physical
health. Take 5 gives us 5 good ideas to help
with our emotional and mental health.
Welcome to
High Five!
More information about Take 5 is available
We hope you have fun trying out these good
ideas - let us know how you get on at
Put High Five in the subject line and make
sure you ask an adult before emailing -
they'll need to tell us if it's ok to share
your pictures and stories on our website
and social media